Overlooked Pulsechain Projects

Overlooked Pulsechain Projects

    In my last article,  “Which coins will have the most value at the launch of Pulsechain”, I discussed a series of coins with potential to have value in the pulsechain ecosystem.  I divided the article into four different categories; Cryptocurrencies created by Richard Heart,  Cryptocurrencies developed by followers of Richard Heart, Cryptocurrencies with a strong multichain support and cryptocurrencies with speculative value in the pulsechain ecosystem.  After I released my article, I had a critique from someone by the name Rednitrous18.  He highlighted a NFT project I overlooked, Sync Network.  A NFT platform created to provide liquidity NFTs for liquidity defi markets. Rednitrous18 being deeply involved in the NFT space, it is only natural he would have an edge on having this information before me.  In fact, shortly after I released my article, I discovered a series of projects that were going to support Pulsechain that I did not discuss.  For that reason, in the name of educating my audience, here is another round of cryptocurrency projects that will be supporting pulsechain.

Maximus DAO

    If you read my last article, you would have learned about a project called Hedron meant to solve the issues that come from being a Hex staker.  The principle behind Maximus DAO is to create a way to share a portion of the hex stake with other hex investors.  As it stands, much of the ROI from HEX can be eaten away from large gas fees.  In order to offset this cost, stakers need to concentrate most of their stakes into large and infrequent amounts.  This means small stakes are no longer feasible by any single individual.  With Maximus DAO, people with smaller amounts of hex have a viable solution by staking with other people with small amounts of HEX.  The Project does seem to be in a bit of a rush to be developed before the pulsechain launch.  This makes it possible to get a copy of the ERC-20 Token on Pulse.

SYNC Network (SYNC)

    The basic idea is to make liquidity pool tokens tradable NFTs.  They create NFTs with two components; The Liquidity Tokens and Sync Tokens.  The combination of these components create an NFT known as a Cryptobonds.  Because your liquidity pool token is locked up in an NFT, you will be able to trade it on the open market.  This is the project Rednitrous showed me.  You can get a copy as an ERC-20 Token.

Khaos Verse

    This is an additional Dex coming to pulsechain.  In addition to being a DEX, there will be yielding opportunities.  If you aren’t involved in PulseX, this project is probably much riskier.  It is only available by sacrificing.

Internet Money (IM and IMD)

    I’m a little suspicious of this project as it is a Binance Smart Chain project at the moment.  This is a project with two parts, Internet Money(IM) and Internet Money Dividend(IMD).  IM is intended to be like Bitcoin as a form of peer to peer exchange with deflationary properties.  IMD is intended to be a tool to pay out pulse tokens for holding IMD in your wallet.  However, to get this token at launch, it was only available to people who had made a sacrifice.

PulseVerse (PLSV)

    This is an NFT based project being developed for Pulse.  You’ll be able to trade, sell and create NFTs on pulseverse.  The website is still in development.

PulseLink (PLINK)

    At the moment, it is a one of a kind project on Pulse.  Its website is still in development.  If I had to speculate, it Is probably a copy of Chainlink or its properties.  It is touts itself as an Oracle.

Rentomania (RNT)

    This is a gaming project.  It advertises itself as being like the board game monopoly.


    Ever hear of the project Tornado Cash?  It is basically the same concept.  It is a way to anonymize transactions on Pulsechain.  This coin will only be available to those that made a sacrifice.  

Pulse Markets (PULSE)

    Prediction markets are a place where you attempt to predict the outcome of some sort of event, whether it is predicting sports events or political outcomes.  It will have its own token called PULSE.  A very creative ticker symbol indeed.


    Imagine providing liquidity for being a venture capitalist.  You can take your own funds and help fund new projects.  The only problem can be the potential for fraud.  Trust swap fixes this.  Trustswap is a trustless defi protocol that gives project founders access to liquidity while releasing tokens back to the investors.  With support from a project like Trustswap, we can see an explosion of potential projects come into the pulse ecosystem.

Acria Network

    This is an offchain data oracle to feed information to defi platforms.


    Basically a Multichain knock off of Hex.


    Another BNB based project.  You should be a little suspicious of this one.  It is being touted as a DEX.


    If you aren’t sick and tired of reading about the next DEXes coming to pulse, then this project shouldn’t bother you.  My only concern about these projects is, “how will they be better than PulseX?”  Although it looks like they will be adding a lending market.  You should keep this on your radar.

PulseLN (PLN)

    This is a unique project in the making.  This is a swap that is designed to bridge owners of Bitcoin into the pulsechain ecosystem and vice versa.  The intention is to use the lightning network for Bitcoin and allow people to swap into pulse.  When you consider how many hacks there have been with bridges and wormholes, trying to have an alternative bridge to get your money in and out of crypto can be important.  As it stands, we aren’t certain there will be any pulse tokens available on centralized exchanges.  There have also been congestion problems with other layer 1 cryptocurrencies.

    However, there is no direct demonstrable value of the PLN token itself.  The intention is to use the swap fees from the bridge and use the revenue to buy and burn the PLN token from PLN/PLS pools on PulseX.

Concluding Thoughts

    In my previous post regarding pulsechain, I wanted to simply speculate on the projects that will likely have value on pulsechain.  However, in the name of educating my audience, I thought it would be better to capture a lager picture of the ecosystem.  There are other coins that should be coming out but most of them either have no websites, broken websites or simply are meme coins.  Some of the projects I just mentioned are a work in progress.  I just would advise an individual not to bet the barn on some of these projects.

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