10 Coins that are likely going to survive the Bear Market Part 1

 10 Coins that are likely going to survive the Bear Market:
Part 1

    Nobody has a crystal ball to see into the future, yet we all have to make projections of what could both possibly and probably happen in the future.  In fact, the nature of the crypto market is radically changing, especially the Altcoin market.  At one time, altcoins were just part of a strategy to gain more Bitcoin via ratio trading.  Now it has evolved way beyond those boundaries.  Now these coins have far more durability due to their features.  Now if you ask me “Will these coins give me a 100X return?”  My answer will be most likely not.  I’m also trying to think about a  strong price appreciation in the future.  Most of these coins I am speculating on expect to outpace Bitcoin at the end of the 2025 Bull Market.  I will not be talking about stablecoins given that you can probably get a larger return on your money at this time.  


    Bitcoin is the OG cryptocurrency that started it all.  Without Bitcoin, nothing else in this space would exist.  Unfortunately, most of the first altcoins have not kept up with Bitcoin and have fallen to the wayside.

2014 Cryptomarket2023 Crypto Market

    As you can tell, the only coins to have survived the top 15 have been Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and XRP in nearly 9 years.  This should give you a clear insight in which coins have a strong chance coming up in this article.


    Most cryptocurrencies have gone out of their way to compete with Bitcoin on things such as supply, Transactions per a second and so on.  Ethereum distinguishes itself from previous altcoins by being the first smart contract platform.  Where Bitcoin created the idea of using blockchain technology to create a ledger to track where coins went, ethereum create a giant public computer for people to build smart contracts on.  It does have some shortcomings such as solidity and some of the most expensive fees in cryptocurrency.  There are some technological shortcomings that need to be fixed that give room for so-called “Ethereum Killers.”   However….


    If you look at the long term charts, Ethereum is outpacing bitcoin.  You could go as far as to call Ethereum a leveraged version of Bitcoin.  Nearly wherever Bitcoin is sold, you can almost always find ethereum.  It is also the second most available cryptocurrency out there.  Ethereum still possesses the largest amount of liquidity of all smart contract platforms which other smart contract platforms are looking to duplicate.  


    Initially this was launched as a simple exchange token by Binance.  However, it was reworked and retooled as a smart contract platform.  Its technology is basically a direct clone of the Ethereum network in terms of technology except for the fact that it is cheaper.  In terms of price performance, it can both match and possibly outperform ethereum in price.  It is only second to ethereum in terms of the total value locked up in the ecosystem.  However, the BNB chain is filled with rugpulls and scammers that it is simply better to buy BNB instead of the tokens available in the ecosystem.  It is also backed by one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, Binance.


    Unfortunately you cannot directly buy BNB in New York.  However, I’ll create a guide on how to obtain it later in another post.


    I have to admit, this coin is a bit of a strange coin to suggest.  In the long run, Bitcoin outpaces Litecoin in terms of Bitcoin.  Like Ethereum, it is an extremely common cryptocurrency.  It has a faster Transaction Per a Second than Bitcoin.  However, ever since its founder, Charlie Lee, left the project, it hasn’t performed as well as people in the past expected.


    There is a classic trading ratio between Litecoin and Bitcoin.  At certain points of spot trade timing, there are times when you can flip your Bitcoin for more litecoin and vice versa.  In fact when your Litecoin can out purchase more BTC than before, it is usually a signal top in a bull market.  That is a good opportunity to start to offload some cryptocurrency.


    Dogecoin is an interesting coin.  It happens to be an indirect fork of Litecoin and is merge mined with Litecoin.  So it shares its security with Litecoin.  Unlike say Bitcoin or Litecoin, dogecoin has no limit of the number of coins.  The coin was made at a time when no one took cryptocurrency seriously.  The coin was made as a joke.  The joke however is on everyone else.  Dogecoin has proven to be one of the most durable crypto assets in crypto.  Lets pull up the charts.

Doge/USD Ratio

    Based on the charts, you don’t even need to sell Dogecoin, you simply need to hodl it like Bitcoin users.  But how does Dogecoin compare to Bitcoin in terms as an investment.

Doge/BTC Ratio

    Not only does Dogecoin have long term price appreciation, dogecoin outperforms Bitcoin as a ratio trade.  You can use this trading ratio to gain both more Dogecoin and Bitcoin to grow your wealth.  Simply use BTC to store your wealth and use Dogecoin as a wealth accelerator.


    This is only half the list so far.  I promised largely a much more boring selection of crypto currencies.  I think the following coins I will write about will have a little more pepper to them that makes it a little more interesting.  In the meantime, we’ll need to wait a little bit for the next article.