Why you should be Bullish on ATH(Athens) and STMX(StormX) tokens in April 2022

 Why you should be Bullish on the ATH(Athens) and STMX (StormX) Token in April 2022

    Disclaimer:  I am not a certified account, lawyer or financial advisor.  Everything I write is for educational purposes.  Before conducting any of the information here, be sure to consult an expert on the topics here before executing them.

        I've already discussed in my guide, "Crypto Cashback Guide", how the StormX token can be used to dollar cost average into cryptocurrencies without actually having to buy them.  However, as a possible investment vehicle, there are reasons why you shouldn't overlook the StormX token and its complementary governance token, ATH (Athens).

What are these tokens and why do they do?

       StormX is a company meant to be the cryptocurrency equivalent to Rakuten.  The benefit to the StormX token is the equivalent to a membership club like BJ's or costcos.  The beauty of this project is allowing you to gain more cryptocurrencies instead of more dollars.  As you hold and stake more StormX tokens, you will be able to yield more tokens and gain greater cashback rewards on your purchases.

    ATH(Athens) is their newly released governance token.  It is a way for the StormX team to coordinate and capture the sentiments of owners of the StormX tokens via the voting process.  Some very interesting features about the ATH token as of writing this post is it's 50% apr for staking the ATH token and it's low market capitalization.

What should I know about the ATH(Athens token) as an investment

    There is a cryptocurrency with an extremely low supply with only 1,000,000 tokens that will ever be token.  This is scarcer than Bitcoin itself.  As of writing this, the market capitalization $19 million.  This would rank the coin around 900, however, it currently isn't ranked because it is a brand new coin that was launched a few days ago.  It was launched at the price of $1.88 on March 23rd 2022 and has reached $18.88 on March 29th 2022.  That is an ROI of 904% in less than a week.

    When you examine the current market capitalization of STMX, $183 million, you can see that as the possible near peak of the ATH token for april.  When you do the calculations, it would not be unreasonable for the ATH token to do a 863% ROI in less than a month.  That would price the token at about $169 per token.

        It should be noted that the Athens Token has no financial value but can only have intrinsic worth to those who own the StormX Token and use the StormX ecosystem.  However, even a non-user can piggyback on the incoming returns that can come from the long term price appreciation of the Athens Token.  Unlike other cryptocurrencies like this which tend to have a pump and dump model at this low market capitalization, this is actually a project that has a community already tied to it with a genuine reason to buy and hold the token rather than simply dump it on the market.  

Where can I go to do more research on this token?

Official StormX Links

  • https://stormx.io/
  • https://governance.stormx.io/
  • https://claim.stormx.io/

Other Resources

  • https://etherscan.io/token/0x2f9411088cef82fd9fb904eb8092f28eb485c8f6
  • https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/athens
  • https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/athens/
  • https://nomics.com/assets/ath4-athens

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